Helmshore Manor Alpacas was started in 2002 on the Central Coast by Brian, Jill, Alex and Izzy Ross with two alpacas, a wether (Josh) and a breeding female Mellow. We spent a year with these two alpacas getting to know them and learning as much as we could about alpaca husbandry before deciding to get serious about breeding these wonderful, interesting animals. Brian, coming from a farming background in Alberta, Canada, and Jill with a long-standing interest in textiles and yarns found the transition into alpaca breeding a natural progression.

From those two initial purchases, we have bred and purchased additional alpacas with the goal of breeding top quality animals from which we are now seeing the results in the show ring. Now situated in the high country of the Central Tablelands south of Oberon, NSW; our herd now exceeds 100 alpacas and we also manage over 100 agisted animals on-farm.

Helmshore Manor Alpacas are members of the NSW region of the Australian Alpaca Association.

Helmshore Manor Alpacas attends the Tarana Farmers Market (4th Sunday of each month) where we have alpacas and natural alpaca products for sale. These products include fleeces, yarns, hand spun and hand knitted garments and support for spinners and knitters (individuals or groups). We welcome visitors to the farm to browse through the on-farm shop or get some hands-on experience with the alpacas.

We can provide top quality stud males, females (open or pregnant), weanlings or wethers for herd guards or companion animals. Helmshore Manor Alpacas is focussed on breeding high quality, dense, finely fleeced coloured alpacas and has a range of alpacas from black through to white available.

After sales service is our specialty - we follow up every sale with ongoing assistance to the new owners. This ranges from help with husbandry, matings, births, shearing and general alpaca questions.